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December 20, 2011
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February 3, 2012

Mild acne

Hello, Can someone please help me get through this phase please? I want to get rid of these acne pimples but nothing works. Please help me.

I've lost weight

Hi since I stopped having the birth control pills I've lost 3 kilos, is this normal? Is it due to the fact that I did stop the pills? I am worried about this anyone having the same problem?

Osteoarthritis of the thumb

Hi I'm 50 years old and suffer from osteoarthritis of the thumb of the right hand. Well now I am having problem in doing routine stuffs example taking a book or a bottle. The doctor made an infiltration and forbids me from taking any medication how to fight the pain please?

Itching after sun exposition

Hi I have noticed that after 2 days of exposition in the sun my skin starts to itch even if I am having a solar cream to protect my skin. I am having the best sunscreen ever and even this does not help. The skin starts to itch and turns red as well as burn.