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December 16, 2011
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December 16, 2011

Zero sexual activities since 2 months

Hello, After 4 years living together out sexual life is quite non existent and this worries me a lot. I am still in love with my man and I need sex to feel love by him. For 2 months nothing happened he is always pretending to be tired or not in the mood. What should I do?

I want to grinned my tooth

Hello, I need to know if it is possible have a tooth grinned at the dentist. My problem is that I have one of them that is so sharp and it happens that I hurt myself. Thanks for answering.

Penis growth?

Hello, I wish to know at what age the penis stop growing. I am 17 and mine is measuring 13 cm when I am having an erection. Is it possible that it will continue to grow or not? I am a bit worried about this.

Give up the weed?

Hi I'm facing a very complicated situation and this makes me worry a lot. I am not having any more erections. I mean it is soft, nd I'm anxious. I smoke weed very often and I know that this might be affecting my sexual capacities if I cut down or stop, will it get back to normal or not? Am I condemned to have soft erection?