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Is it worth spending money on short term braces?

Hello, I'm 20 years old and I'm planning to get braces from Short Term Braces Orthodontic Clinic in Houston ). My lower front teeth are crowded and there are 2 teeth in the upper side that are vampire teeth. I don't want to go through the lengthy 2 year orthodontics treatment so I'm thinking about getting short term braces and have talk... Read more

Braces making my jaw hurt

Hello, I have just had braces fitted and they are hurting a lot, what should I do please in order to get rid of this pain please? Thanks in advance.

Acute tooth pain.

Hi, I am 14 years old. For some time now I have been suffering from acute tooth pain. I have taken ibuprofen as medication which relieved it for only a while. I don't know what to do to stop the pain. Can you please advise me? Thanks.

Teeth moving

Hello, I feel like all my teeth are moving. I have never had any problems with my teeth set. So, what's making them move please? Thanks in advance.

Bad breath

Hello, I always have a bad breath. It is very irritating while talking to friends, please tell me what I need to please. Thank you.

Can dental implants replace on same day of tooth extraction?

Hello, My mom has some problem with two of her teeth and her dentist Dr. Phelan in Oakville told her to extract those two teeth and said that it can be replaced with dental implants. He also said that both the procedures can be done on the same day, I haven't heard that before. Is it really possible? My mom is in her 60's and also a dia... Read more

Growing wisdom tooth

Hello, At what age does someone normally start to have his wisdom tooth growing please? Thank you.

Acute pain

Hello, I have an acute pain coming from my teeth set and it has swollen slightly. Can you please help me. Kind regards.

Bad breath

Hello, I have my cousin who has a very bad breath and he claims that he brushes his teeth daily. It's been since very long that he has this problem. What is causing this problem please? Thanks.

Dry lips

Hello, What to do when someone has dry lips please? Thank you.

Do braces hurt?

Hello, I need to get braces placed in a weeks time and I am very afraid it hurts. Does it hurt to wear braces please? Thanks in advance.