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Hello, how do i increase sperm count naturally

How do I get rid of a persistent dry, tickly cough? [Solved]

hello it made some weeks that I cough constantly. I do not smoke, I do not have fever or chest pain ... I do not have a runny nose either. Do you know natural ways to stop this dry cough? thanks Read more

How do I stop or control hair loss? [Solved]

Hello, I have a problem of hair loss since some ten years and I have tried everything. I have tried many medicines, seen several doctors and others. I have hair that grow but they do not grow further and I start losing them again. It's really irritating, can somebody tell me what I must do please? Thanks.

How do I increase my breast size naturally? [Solved/Closed]

Hello, I am 21 years old and sleem girl. How to increase breast size Naturally within few day. Plz tell any simple steps With Regard Urmila Thakur

Is female or male ejaculation dangerous? [Solved]

Hello Friend, Please suggest me that While doing oral sex... 1. Male sucks pussy very hard and some fluid comes out from pussy. is there any bad effect of this fluid to male body or mind, if it goes inside male? 2. Similarly, is there any bad effect of semen on female body or mind, if it goes inside female? Read more

how to increase sexual appetites

Hello, I would like to know what can I do to increase my sexual appetites naturally.

What are the signs and symptoms of baby teething? [Solved]

Hallo, I have a one year old son who normaly expiriences sweliings on his lower jaw, that is both sides, the swellings looks whitish and when they appear, he developes fever, lose of appetite, doesnt breast feed and cries all the time. what can this be, and how can it be tackled? please help

Enlarge ur dick [Closed]

Hello, how to make my dick fat and long,at the moment am 5.5 inch long by 1.5 inch.i'd love to be 9-10 inch by 3 inch.but what do i do? please help