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Acid reflux

Hello, Can someone please give me some information about acid reflux please? My doctor has prescribed me some medication for it and it seems to be making me have nausea. Thanks for your kind help.

Loss of appetite

Hello, I have been having some troubles since some days. I'm not eating enough. I just don't feel like having to eat. I have lost the appetite to eat, someone please help me. Thanks.

Six days have gone by

Hello, I have a slight trouble and I don't know whether this is so alarming than that. I had a mirena coil implant and had it removed six days back. The trouble is that I'm experiencing is that I have bleeding and this is absolutely irritating. Has someone ever been the similar situation that I am right now? Thanks.

Pregnancy tests

Hello, When must be a pregnancy test be carried out? After how many days that I had sex must I have it please? It's been since two months that we are trying to conceive a baby and we are really impatient about it. Thanks a lot.

On pills since five years

Hello, I have been on birth control pills since five years and I have just stopped. I have not yet had my first period, in how much time will I have it please? Thanks.

2 months

Tight chest

Hello, I feel like my chest is tight and I'm even having pain breathing. I feel uncomfortable all the time and there are times that I have like a heart attack, it's a sudden pain that lasts for one minute. I have to rest for sometime before it gets alright. Someone please tell me what's going wrong with me. Thanks in advance. Read more


Hello, I have been babysitting children since a very long time and I just hat kids. I won't ever want to have a baby but I know that this is the dream of all girls. Is this a normal reaction after having done babysitting? Thank you.

Mental disorder

Hello, My 16 year old daughter is going through a difficult time. She has admitted that it is becuse of her boyfriend. I have noticed that she stays in her room all night and has dose not eat anything. She is depressed and has started to self harm, by cutting herself. I wanted to slap her but I just thought that it wouldn't be right.... Read more

My Husband is Depressed

Hi, I have been married 5 years, to my lovely man. Recently he lost his twin brother and since then his attitude has gone in a bad direction. It is gettings worse everyday, he has started smoking , drinking. One of his co-worker phoned me he has not been working 1 month, he doesn't want to see a doctor or a counselor. What ca... Read more

Drinking beer

Hello, Can anyone please tell me for how many days does alcohol remain in someone's body? Thanks.

few hours

Wet underwear

Hello, I have a problem at the inner thighs, I'm sweating so much that even my underwear gets wet. It's simply too irritating and it's results in a high body temperature, please tell me what I must do please. Thank you.

Is you a girl?

Nightmares ruining my life

Hello, I'm having nightmares and they are ruining my life. Can some please help me get rid of these nightmares please? Thank you.


Hello, Yesterday I just stuck my fingers in between the door frame and I felt a slight pain but within seconds, I started feeling my body temperature rising and I felt I was sweating heavily. At the very next moment, I was down. I just passed out! Can someone please explain why I fainted? Thanks.


Hello, I'm underweight and need to gain some weight. I need just to gain four kilos, can somebody please tell me how to do this? Thank you.

Light sleep

Hello, I am a very light sleeper, I wake up at simplest noise. Then it is difficult for me to get back off to sleep. This has caused me problems at school as I am often sleepy in class. Does anyone else have this problem? Thanks for your help.

Worried about my height

Hello, I'm only 1m65 for a weight of 55 kilos. I'm only 16 and don't want to stay at this height, please help me grow taller. It will be a great help from your part. Thanks in advance.

The down syndrome

Hello, I have a cousin who has the down syndrome and I want to know what may be the average life expectancy of someone in such a condition. Thanks for your answer.


Hello, For a while now I have been waking up in the morning, having hallucinations. I'm somehow worried about it. I'm feeling like I'm mad, can someone please help me? Thank you.

Biting the lower lips

Hello, I have had this habit for a long time, I bite my lower lips and it's something I cannot control, is there any way to stop this please? Thank you.