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Lost too much weight

Hello, I am a 24 years old woman, and I have a baby of 3 months. I am weighing 50 kilos whereas before pregnancy I had around 58 kilos and I was much at ease with my body than right now. I've lost too much kilos and during my pregnancy I did took only 8 kilos. I am worried is this is normal to lose so much weight after childbirth?

Reducing my belly

Hi I am new on this forum and I can see that things are much serious here and I appreciate it. I also need some help and as you can see I am here in the losing weight section. Well I don't really want to lose weight as such but I need to lose my belly as when I put weight on it is only on the belly. Can I do something be done against this... Read more

Harsh pain and blocked back !

Hi this morning while cleaning the room I've been victim of a harsh pain in the lower back just as an electric shock. Fortunately I had Voltaren pills with me to unlock my back which was blocked. Why is this happening to me? Do I need to see a doctor a specific treatment in my situation?

How to remove hairs?

Hi I urgently need help, I don't know how to get rid of hairs as all the depilatory methods gives me irritation, pimples, itching and makes my skin ugly and rough. When using waxing I have pimples all over the area and it makes me suffer a lot with the razor pimples and itching how can I do please?

Brown marks under the arm

Hey forum. Can anyone explain why I am having brown marks under my arm please? Well I had only one of them under my right arm and now I can see 5 of them under the same arm. I am terrified and upset and want some help! Thanks.

Painful eyes when working

Good morning friends I am facing a problem that is affecting my daily routine. Well I work on my PC daily and since some days I've noticed that my eyes are very painful. I mean when I move them from the screen to look somewhere else or if I bend forward it causes me so much pain that is unbearable. What is this due to please? Can the PC b... Read more

Missed my pills twice

Hi My problem is that I am not regular, and I suffer terrible period pains with nausea. I missed taking my pills twice last month, I have finished the pack just 5 days ago. I am afraid, can I be pregnant? Should I keep on taking my pills or not?

Falling pregnant after menstruation?

Hello I did a pregnancy test as I was not having my period. While urinating I saw some traces of blood and nothing came out afterwards. The test reveals to be positive and I am much anxious as normally we are very careful even if I do not take birth control pills. We made it the last time after my menstruation can it be during this week ... Read more

Twins which one is the eldest?

Hi I am going to have twins and I am the happiest women on earth. They are going to be two little boys. I wanted to know which one of them is the first one. I read that the second that comes out is the first one. But is this true.

Depression and auto mutilation

Hello I friend auto mutilate herself and I wanted to find a way to help her. If I say same to her parents she will hate me and I don't want to lose her. This all started when, one of our friend left and her parents prevent her from contacting us, since then my friends is cutting herself. I've also given her an article to read about au... Read more

How to make my hair shine again

Hello I am looking for a good product to fight dry hair. I would like my hair to be shinny as before. My hair used to be so smooth and now the end are so dry that they keep on breaking and yes I've been coloring my hair at home and done this twice. Thanks for your kind answers.

Loss of appetite

Hello, I am suffering from a loss of appetite and the strange part is that I like eating normally. How can I help myself is this normal? I am not the kind of girl to worry so much about weight and so on I just don't care. Thanks

Brown discharge

Hello, since 3 months i am not having my mens instead only brown discharge how is this possible? I am not sexually active since 3 months also can anyone help me please, i am worried but i don't want to see a doctor right now.

Ear pressure after sinus

Suffering from sinus problems, and I also have to deal with ear pressure. Does anyone else have this please. This is getting worse each time and I am having problem to deal with all these. Can you help me about the ear pressure how to stop it?

Contact lenses

Hello, I've been using contact lenses for about 3 years, but now my doctor suggested me to perform the cross linking and I have no idea of what it is. So can you please inform me about how to perform this "cross linking".

Growth Hormones - Williams Syndrome

My daughter Julia (4 years) is affected by Williams's syndrome. She measures 92cm and doctors offer us growth hormones but I am quite upset as I don't really know the action of same and also the lifelong disadvantages and effects. I'm looking for stories about the recent use of these hormones. Thank you in advance for your ans... Read more