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Noise in ear?

Hello, I need to have some explanations about the noise in my ear, it is like a heart beat. Anyone who has been facing such problems could give me a solution or explanation at least. My parents will take me to the ENT, who is not free before next week. Night and day I can hear a beat in my left ear it is embarrassing and prev... Read more

Photophobia any treatment?

Hi I have suffered from photophobia since I was very young. I have to wear sunglasses once I am out and this is much annoying not to be able to admire the sun with naked eyes. I wanted to know if there is a way to solve this allergy, I know I am quite demanding but I am trying, so your answers are the most welcome.

Small breasts

Hello I am 14 and I don't have breast, is this normal? Compared to my friends mine are nonexistent. My mother has beautiful ones will I have inheret these or not?

Injuries not healing

Hello my brother suffers from diabetes and handles it quite well. The problem is that he has got wounds on his legs and it is really taking time to heal. How can I help him? What should he do?