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Swollen knee

I feel a sharp stabbing pain in my knees. They are also often swollen. I am afraid due to this. Some people say that there maybe be water in my joints? How is this possible please? One knee looks bigger than the other one.

How long ?

Hello, How long does a sexual relationship last? Is it important to make it last for hours ? Thanks for answering Regards

Contraception methods

Hello At the moment I am not sexually active but I hope this will change soon. My boyfriend and I are talking about it. I wish to know if condoms will do for my first sexual relationship? I am very excited and finally convince my boyfriend to do it. Do I need to take pills or other stuffs please?

Heart murmur

Good morning I am 16 years old living with a little heart murmur. Well everyday life is not a pleasure for me but I am waiting for the right moment for a general medical exams. I wanted to know how it is for others. For me, I have a few problems in getting back my normal breathing rhythm after sports is this normal?

calcific tendonitis

Hello this is very urgent I am looking for a treatment for calcific tendonitis as my wife is suffering from this, her life is hell. I can not stand to see her is such pain. Medicines are not effective at all. Do reply thanks.

Treatment for stable myopia

Anyone suffering from myopia here please? Mine is at 12 in both eyes and I do wear lenses but I hate them. I've never been at ease with these lenses and I really need to have another solution. Ophthalmologist are considering an operation is this the good solution please?

Varicocele operation and procreation

Good evening I am here as my husband has suffered from a varicocele and after the operation no more problems, pain or any complication. We are again sexually active and everything goes on perfectly. The operation has been done 2 years ago already but the problem is that we still don't have a baby. We need help is it possible that the op... Read more

Any cure for psoriasis

Hello well I have been suffering from psoriasis for 5 years, it is an awful skin problem. I've got crust in my head and I really need to get myself cured. Can anyone give me the miracle cure please?

Launching labor

Worried as I am with my pregnancy as well as childbirth the doctor said that he will have to start labor that he will provoke. I am tense and I want it all to be natural as far as possible. I've heard about acupressure and I wanted to know if anyone has ever tried this before me please?

Too much sweating

Is this normal that someone keeps on sweating all the time please? Even if he is seated and resting my friend keeps on sweating and this is not very hygienic. He wants to stop all this but how? Thanks for helping, and to be noted he is 15 years old and sweats also in winter thanks.

Recognizing a stroke?

My husband was travelling for business and he was sent back to the country due to a heart attack, since then I am always worried about him and I also prevent him from continuing his life. He does not take things seriously and this is what makes me worries a bit more. Well I need to know how to do to help him as much as I can but... Read more

Can't wear shoes

Hi everyone well I have a little problem that might appear to be strange to you as no one can imagine what I am going through. I hate wearing shoes and this is horrible for me and makes my feet ache so much that I avoid going out or even keep away from buying beautiful shoes. How can I be normal please?

Lots of hairs on the baby

hOLA my sweet little nephew is 4 days old and he has lots of hairs on all the body, his face, arms, legs, and back how is this possible he is a new born, we found this to be very strange thanks for your answers.

Cold hands and feet

Well my hands and feet are always cold and this is annoying in the sense that I can't wear nail varnish very often as my nails turn purple and my boyfriend dislikes my cold hands and feet. I am even afraid to touch him and most of the time I am wearing gloves. Thanks for explaining.

Spinal cord pain

Hello i am Brandon and I need some help. Well during a party where I was drinking I had a fall from my chair and hit my back which is now very much painful for me. I need help to get rid of this pain which is near the spinal cord so please give me your advice as soon as possible.

Not sleeping enough

Hello, I have trouble sleeping at night. I stay awake till eleven o'clock and will easily wake up at 5 in the morning. I'm not having enough sleep and this is causing a disruption to my day. Can someone please tell me what I need to do? Thanks in advance.

Clear transparent discharge

Hello, I'm experiencing some clear transparent vaginal discharge for a few days, and I want to know more about it. Is there anyone who can provide me some information about it please? Thanks in advance.

Osteoarthritis of the hands

Hello, I suffer from osteoarthritis of the hands and the failure in holding things with my hands worries me a lot. The doctor prescribed anti-inflammatories and a brace at night. I would like to have testimonials from people with the same disease, how do you cope with same on daily basis as well as how to continue working please? Wor... Read more