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Clinic Ukraine Information

Hey there, how are you all? I hope you all are doing fine. I thought infertility is only my enemy. But I have faced the worst day of my life. This forum has given me enough courage to share my experience. I ran into one of the reputed clinic ***. This ***has been good but I don't know what happened to them. They started reacting strange a... Read more


Hey there. I hope you all are doing good. Okay, so I'm here to discuss something about my best friend. She's infertile. I know it's the worst thing ever. Getting pregnant is a wonderful feeling. She stays up all night thinking what would it feel like to carry a baby. I suggested her surrogacy but she refuses it every time. To her, this is... Read more


Hey there, how are you all doing? I hope you all are doing great. This is a great forum to share problems. Every woman wishes to enjoy motherhood. I am infertile and can't carry a baby naturally. I was pregnant and I met an accident where I lost my baby. This damaged my fallopian tubes. Anyways, I am confused between surrogacy and adoptio... Read more

Which would you choose ?

Hi everybody! I hope all of you are in good health. Being infertile is very hard both emotionally and physically. I feel like people should support each other in such troubled times. I am starting this thread to educate people on the options or treatments they can opt for if they are facing some sort of infertility. I am also infertile an... Read more

Stay Away [Closed]

Hey there, how are you all? I hope you all are doing a great job. I wanted to create awareness about fake clinics. I have the worst experience with one of the reputed clinics ***. They have just one aim that is our money. Please choose a clinic carefully. Thanks and hoping best for everyone.

A women is in trouble.

Hello, good day, all!!! I am asking this question on my cousin behalf. She is about 35. She has two baby boys. Now she is trying for the third baby. But can you believe that how many times she had gone through MC? 6 times in her life. her first baby was through the operation. She has wasted a lot of blood at that time. now the biggest i... Read more

My story

Hey everyone. I am here to share my infertile story. I have been facing it for more than 4 years. I had a severe accident. After that, I started having a problem with my heartbeat. It often goes high and often goes low. Through this doctor has decided for me not to conceive naturally. It would be dangerous for me. I thought to try alterna... Read more

successful IVF!

Hey there! I hope you all are doing great. My name is Alisa. Many of you know me here. From the last 4 years, I was living a terrible life. Conceiving was such a difficult task, and after which when I miscarried, it was heartbreaking. I still didn't understand where I did something wrong. I had 3 MCs in the past 4 years. It was the worst ... Read more

be aware

Hello, Hello people. Hope everyone is well on this forum. I want to share my story as well. I am infertile. I become infertile due do depression pills. The reason behind my depression was I was adopted. My parents treated me very badly. And taking these pills led me to infertility.. My sister then suggested me to go through surrogacy. S... Read more

Superstitious thoughts

Hello everyone. I want to clear my thoughts today. So decided to share my confusion with you. What you people think that is it right that you are not being superstitious. If you are shopping for your future baby in advance. Then there is no problem at all. I beleive that Nothing gonna change your fate only because you are doing shopping i... Read more

Regretting my Decision

Hello, How are you? Hope you are doing well against infertility. I am also an infertile. I tried to contact *** clinic related to their surrogacy treatment. i emailed them several times and asked about the procedure and privacy details but they didn't reply any of my email. I also tried to contact them via phone but failed. I didn't expec... Read more

Which treatment to opt for

Hey everyone. I hope you all are doing great. I am here to seek help about what should I be really doing. I got married 4 years back and have been TTC since then. However, after one year of trying my husband and I decided to go to the doctor. Who did our tests and broke the infertility news to me. He did give a detailed reason. According ... Read more

I will not be able to have a baby ever

Hello, Good day everyone. How are you all? My husband and I were TTC for a long time. I was unable to get pregnant. I was really worried. I was trying for last three years. A new ray of hope was raised when I missed my period. I started feeling nausea. I took the pregnancy test. I found out that I was pregnant. I was over the sky. All m... Read more

Can't be mother

Hi there everyone, My life is over. I have nothing left now. I have no reason to live. I can't ever become mother now. I don't know what should I do. Where do I go. I never thought that this day would come in my life. My husband is trying to give me support but I know that deep inside he is feeling this too. I think he is going to leave m... Read more

I need some inspiration.

Hello, Hi there. I got diagnosed with infertility. I am finding it hard to accept this. Is anyone else here in the same boat as me? Has anyone managed to have a child against the odds? Do share your success stories please. I need some inspiration.

Success from infertility

Hey! Hope so you are doing good. I want to share my cousin's story who is suffering from infertility. Actually, she became married at 32. After that, she became pregnant and then she had to meet with an accident. At that moment, she lost her pregnancy. Her doctors also declared her infertile due to some internal issues. She didn't know wh... Read more

Need Suggestion

Hello Everyone! Hope so you will be fine. Actually, I'm here to get some suggestions from all of you. My relative is suffering from PCOS. Doctors said it is not possible to get pregnant naturally. Now she is looking for IVF. Is it safe? How expensive is it? Where to address it? Your suggestion would be appreciatable. TIA


I have been trying to conceive from last 10 years now.Until now i don't had any luck with it. I had several attempts of IVF and IUI. But i failed at them too.I don't know whats the main cause for these. I contacted a number of clinics regarding my infertility issue.But the doctors can't also find the main cause for my infertility. The ... Read more