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Alzheimer syndrome

Hello, What are the signs or Alzheimer please? My father is always forgetting almost everything. If he drop his spectacles he spend almost an hour looking for them, forgets appointment or even if he sis on his way to a destination it happens that he forgets where he needs to go. Can this be alzheimers? Read more

Swollen and itchy eyes of my son?

Hi my son is complaining about itching eye and they are swollen. He keeps on crying and says that it hurts a lot. He is 6 years old and asking to the other parents they are not having such problems with their little ones. How is this possible and what can be the cause of the itching and swelling please?

15 years and plastic surgery???

Hi I want to know if it is possible for a girl of 15 years old to have recourse to plastic surgery. I mean if in a situation where this is very important and that this girl is not able to lead a normal life due to some differences and handicap in her daily life. Thanks a lot for considering my question and for your kind answers

I'm too jealous

Hi I am in a relationship since 2 years and I've always been very jealous with my boyfriend. I always need to go on him Facebook to know with whom he talks, as well as him MSN and his mobile. This is horrible I know it but I can't stop myself from doing this to him. I know that I need to change but if ever I see he has been talking to a g... Read more

Feeding problems

My baby is 3 and a half month and usually takes a baby bottle of 180ml but since the beginning of this week she is refusing her feeds. She will take only about 100ml she starts to cry and won't finish the bottle. What do I do? I am afraid as she will be losing weight and this is not good at all for her.

A mass under my armpit

Good evening, I am 13 years old and I am here for some answers please. Last night while taking my bath and having soap on my body I noticed that there was a sort of little mass on the left side of my breast a little bit under the armpit. I am worried as I read a lot about cancer and I think it could be this.

How to know if i am allergic to lactose?

My problem is that I am not sure if I am allergic to lactose? Since years I am suffering from nausea, vomiting and stomach pain when I eat. This is not unbearable, but I wish to know the cause of such problems. My doctor thought it was flour at first now she says it might me lactose! How to know?