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December 21, 2011
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Irregular periods

Good day everyone I am having some problems with my menstruation cycle. I have had them on the on the 23rd of March and again having them since yesterday the 4th or April. I am confused as this has never happened before. I am 25 years old, married without children thanks for answering.

Worried about baby going to nursery

Hi my baby will very soon go to the nursery and I am worried, I've been with her during the 3 months since her birth and now I am afraid that they won't be caring about her as at home. Do I need to take some precautions? How to make the transition between nursery and home without making it too difficult for her please?


I am very tensed these days as last week I was having an arrhythmia that is my heart was trembling in my stomach this was a terrific sensation. I went to my doctor who concluded that it was an arrhythmia and sent me to the hospital immediately but when they practice the ECG everything was back to normal. What should I do?

Vibrating uterus with Mirena IUD

Hello I have the Mirena IUD for 1 year. Everything was going OK, then last month as I have the feeling that my uterus is vibrating or shivering. I am uncomfortable when this happens and need to know if this is a common symptom please.

Sensitive teeth

Hi, I have always being very careful with my teeth but the problem is that they are are very sensitive. Why is it? What can I do about this please? I can't take ice cream or too hot foods as it is painful. Thanks for answering

Penicillin allergy

Hello my girlfriend suffers from allergy with penicillin and at 3 years old she made a severe allergy. For my part I am following a treatment with cillyne and I need to know if it is dangerous for the two of us to kiss and so on. Thanks for your answers.