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She cries every night

Hello I am facing a terrible problem with my baby of 10 months. She is very nice and calm during the day and normally she sleeps all night long, but recently she is crying every night and refuses to sleep unless she is in bed with us. I put her in her room at the beginning she sleeps a bit and wakes up, I put on the light for her and she'... Read more

Is his heart ill?

Hi my son is 20 years old and complains a lot about pain near the heart and feels his left arm very heavy. What should I do to help him please? Can he be having a cardiac problem please?

Cancer of the peritoneum

I am shocked to hear the news but my grandmother is suffering from a cancer of the peritoneum, this is sad and alarming and I need to know how she is going to be later on. She is not at an early stage of the illness and it is going to be difficult to help her according to the doctors and she is already 84 years old. Thanks.

Breast changes

Hi after my bath today I have noticed that one of my breasts is very hard when touching it. I need to know why is this so and I feel much ill at ease at the doctor so let me know if this could be really urgent. Thanks a lot.

Amnesia during holidays

During my last trip I've been suffering from some kind of amnesia and this was terrible. My friends were asking me questions and I was not able to reply. I really need some help I did not went to the doctor I am really afraid of the results. Your advises are the most welcome in my painful situation. Thanking you all in advance. Regards.

Sport induced asthma

I went to a doctor who prescribed for me an inhaler 4 times a day as I suffer from sport induced asthma I mean this happens only when I do lots of effort or after long periods of sport. I wanted to know if I'll be cured after this or will I have to keep on using the inhaler for all my life?

Gastro esophageal reflux or bronchitis?

Hello people I am new on the forum and I wanted to know if the fact that I am coughing since 3 months is due to bronchitis or gastro esophageal reflux? I've tried lots of treatments which are useless. Thanks for your answers.

Stop growing !

At 15years old I measure 1m79 and I wanted to know if I am going to keep on growing as I don't want to grow much more. Is there a way to stop my bones from growing? I've stopped the intake of milk can it help in any way?

I'm coughing

Hello I finally stopped smoking but I'm not good at all. Since 2 weeks that I am not smoking I am coughing instead and this is painful. I cough a lot and I want to know if it is normal or if I should see a doctor or resume smoking? Thanks.

Bleeding after embryos transfer

Hi I'm 32 years old and after 2 happy wedding life we are trying to have a baby which reveals to be much more difficult that the usual things. We've been facing some problems my husband and I but since 10 days that we have had the embryos transfer I am bleeding a little bit. Explain me please.