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I don't know why many members are no more active here. Anyways, since I have always been updating my story on this forum I will continue to do so. So guys we recently visited the clinic for the embryo process. The clinic was very nice to send us a driver. We first went to the place where we were staying afterwards to the clinic. For this ... Read more


Our current lifestyles contribute massively to the health problems we face. So many diet plans but is anyone thinking. That our actions today will make it break our bodies. Infertility is not a choice people make. But there are the experts that can help so many infertile couples make lifestyle changes. One of the best clinics in Europe, t... Read more

Choosing the right clinic is the real battle

Hello, This is lucy james. Today i wanted to share my experience with you guys. I am an infertile and have been facing this curse since 8 years. after my first miscarriages i couldn't conceive at all. I went to hundred of doctors, tried every treatment and course for TTC but nothing worked and no doctor told me the reason why i am unable... Read more

Coming back to conceive with better motivation...

Hello there! Hope everyone's fine here. Well, I just joined back the forum after more than a few months. As I've used it before. I took a half year back from conceiving. Some of you may know me here. I'm Diviya, 38 from Houston. I've been a TTC for so many years. Have posted my story here before. Now, back to make some new buddies. I'm ha... Read more

I need some inspiration.

Hello, Hi there. I got diagnosed with infertility. I am finding it hard to accept this. Is anyone else here in the same boat as me? Has anyone managed to have a child against the odds? Do share your success stories please. I need some inspiration.

Is barrenness a typical issue?

Indeed. Around 6% of wedded ladies 15-44 years old in the United States can't get pregnant following multi-year unprotected sex (barrenness). Additionally, around 12% of ladies 15-44 years old in the United States experience issues getting pregnant or conveying a pregnancy to term, paying little mind to conjugal status (impeded fertilit... Read more

Beware of worst clinic

Hi everyone how are you all? Today I want to share some important information with you guys. It's about *** and *** clinic in Eastern Europe. They scammed my cousin. She was so disappointed. She loses hope. Then someone recommended her a good clinic in Eastern Europe. She visited them. They treated her really well. It was her best decisio... Read more

Such clinics

Hey there. What is going on in your lives? I am writing this to know more about you people. I hope to hear from all of you. Here I want to share a bit about myself. I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility. We thought it was the end for us. But it was not. As we came to about some fertility clinics. We tried to contact one of them kn... Read more

Surrogacy Or IVF?

Hey Everyone. How are you doing all? Hope so everyone is doing fine. I am here for the very important issue. MY cousin is going through infertility for 2 years. She is now considering other infertility treatment. I am glad that she is now moving on. She asked me to give my opinion about what should she do? I am not pretty sure. I am on th... Read more

help me guys(ivf)

hey there folks.I come to you guys extremely confused about life choices.My name is Klina and I am a 28-year-old woman.I have dealt with infertility as life has dealt it to me.Let me just say that I wasn't always infertile.In fact, back in 2016, I was 14 weeks pregnant before getting into a road accident.The road accident left me complete... Read more

Experience with a clinic

Hello, I hope you are enjoying good health. I am hear because of frustration and anger. I am an infertile. I contacted *** clinic for surrogacy treatment but failed to get any response. I sent them several emails and also tried to contact via phone but no response. I don't understated this kind of behavior. I am thinking are they profess... Read more

IVF fertilization - Help

Hi ladies - I am currently in my second round with IVF. My first attempt in January was positive, but I ended up pregnant with twins - both ectopic. I lost the left tube, but feel now that I'm OK with having one less tube to worry about this round. Here's my question for today. We had our egg retrieval yesterday and retrieved 12. 11 were... Read more

Unpleasant Experience

Hello, Hope all of you are doing well. I am here to share my experience out of anger. I am an infertile. My husband and i decided to go for surrogacy. We contacted a surrogacy clinic named *** for treatment. We sent them several emails but they didn't reply us back. we waited for 2 weeks but wasted our precious time.

experience regarding clinic

Hello, Hope you are enjoying good health. I want to share my experience with you all. This forum is like a family to see. I am following this forum from last few months. i am an infertile. I can't conceive naturally because of my heart disease. i am facing infertility from 5 years. My husband loved me very much. He suggested we should hav... Read more

Worst Experienced

Hello ladies! How are you doing? I hope everyone doing fine. Today I am going to share with you my cousin bad experienced with ***clinic. She was looking forward to surrogacy. She tries to make contact with ***clinic. She emailed them her reports and asked them for procedure and policies. She emailed them 5 times. But the clinic didn't r... Read more

Two months have gone by

Hello, It's been already two months that has gone by trying to conceive a baby. I fear that one of us is infertile but I don't want to think about it at all because it will be really hard if it was like this. Please tell me, yesterday was my first day for my period, in how many days will I be most fertile. Thanks in advance. Read more