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Pregnant or not?

Hello, I'll be 16 years old soon. Over the past 3 days I have had numerous non protected sexual intercourses with my boyfriend. I had my menses just one week before. Do you think I'll have to do a pregnancy test?

I am losing my hair at 18

HI, I am a male student in information technology. I used to make spike with my hair and use wax but I noticed that my hair is getting very thin, and I am very afraid, is there any solution ?

Too much dope?

Hello I am a guy of 16 years old, for the past year I have been smoking weed with my friends. We party every weekend. I need to get myself away from this but it is not easy. I wanted to know if this is really bad for my health to smoke one per week please?

15 years and no breast

Hello, I'm here to talk about an urgent problem, I'm 15 years old and I have almost no breast. The problem is that I'm not the skinny and short type, I'm about 1m45 and the absence of breast make my body more like a boy. It's really hurting me and I just wanted to have some hope. Will I stay flat chested for all my life, please an... Read more

4 wisdom teeth removed

Hello 1 month ago I had my 4 wisdom teeth removed, under a GA, now I have a few questions. I have difficulty moving my tongue and I have a bad taste in my mouth all the time. What should I do please?