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December 26, 2011
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January 25, 2012

Pain in my eyes

Hi recently we discovered that I am suffering from diabetes (3 months ago). After fasting blood glucose I've started a diet without sugar but I keep on consuming meat and vegetables as well as fruits. Sport is something that I never miss daily too. I've notice that my level of glucose rises a lot after food is this normal and after that I... Read more

Poking out tummy

I am a girl of 17 years, and I am quite slim. I can eat what every I wish, and I am naturally thin. But I have a little belly which bumps out when wearing slim jeans or tight pants how do I get rid of this please? Any advise?

Doctors or midwife for labour?

Hi I have some hesitations about having labour in hospital - well I would like to do as my mother and have the midwife at home so she can handle things. I want to tell my baby later on that he was born in the house and that this is much more intimate. But some people say that this is very dangerous. Can you help me here? Read more