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Metallic taste in my mouth

Hi, I am suffering from a metallic taste in my mouth all night and day. The doctor said this was stomatitis and gave me treatment for oral Thrush but still it is not helping. Any explanation or help please? Thanks

Biopsy and a colposcopy what for?

Last month I made a smear at the gynecologist and the secretary called me telling that I need to do a biopsy as well as a colposcopy, this makes me afraid and I don't know what this all is about. Any ideas please? Will the exams be painful?

Will she change?

I noticed that my daughter spends lots of time out of the house, well she has school and extra-curricular activities that take most of her time but she also move out with friends and we barely see each other. Do I have to fear that she is going to change, how do I catch up with her?

My 14 year old son dominates me

Hello I have a son of 14 and he is out of control. He refuses to go to school, always disobeying and will not listen to anything I say. I have a man in my life, and my son complicates things by his behaviour and I wonder if he is jealous? He fears that my boyfriend will take the place of his father or even separate us? How can I deal ... Read more