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Troubles arising after giving blood

hi, I had been to a blood donation one week ago and donated one pint of blood. Everything was normal and I didn't feel any pain out of it. I have started having some rashes on the skin and there are also some red bumps that have started rising on my hands. I believe that it is surely from the blood donation. Is there someone else who ha... Read more

Multi vitamins

Hello, Is it a good idea to have multi vitamins daily or this may affect someone's health? I have heard that too much of anything can be harmful, that's why I'm asking this. I have just started taking these because of the fact that I don't eat too much fruits. The instructions tell me to take only two pills per day and that's what I'm... Read more

Whats the difference please?

Hello, I wish to have some supplements but when I went to purchase some, I found that there were mass gain supplements and weight gain supplements. Can I please know what the difference between the two is and also what's the best for me. Thank you.

Problem with my vision

Hello, It's been for a few days now that I have noticed when I stare at something, it gets bigger in size. I mean my vision makes me see it as being bigger. I know that I'm having eyes trouble and that it is not normal at all. Does anyone experience this too?.

how to stop smoking

Hi all, I am 28 years old and married my husband and I want to have a baby but before he want me to stop smoking i have been smoking cigarettes since i was 15 years old ,and i have been trying all sorts of patch, books about how to stop smoking but nothing. Any advice ?

How to quickly quit smoking

Hello, Hi. It has been now 15 years since I have started smoking. I smoke up to 20 cigarettes a day, but I feel in pretty good shape so far. Thing is, I have often tried to quit it for my wife, but I have never succeeded because I never really wanted to quit. But my wife has made an awful threat so now I don't have any other choice t... Read more

Death phobia

Hello, My name is Jane and I am 13 years old. I have a constant fear of death, not to live, to be in the dark, not to realize that one is dead, and all that I lived would have been pointless, given that 'you forget everything when you're dead. I am a Christian, but not sure if I believe in heaven and hell. I have been horribly afr... Read more

The condom broke while we were having sex

Hello, I was just wondering if ever a condom broke while you were having sex? I am taking contraceptive pills, but could I get pregnant. My boyfriend insists in us wearing a condom all the time, so this is the reason why we are using one although I am taking the pill. He freaked out when this happened, and though I trying to reassur... Read more

My left eye often blurs

Hi, I have been suffering from eye blurriness for 3 weeks. It comes when I am either on my daily 40 minutes walk or when I am concentrating in front of the TV screen. I am already wearing glasses and this is why this sounds pretty odd that such a thing happens now. Do you think that it could be due to a deterioration of my left eye's si... Read more