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Infection after cesarean

Hello, I had a cesarean 2 and a half month ago and the opening is healing nicely but I can see little hairs trying to come out and they are stuck beneath my skin. I would really like to know if there is a risk or infection due to this all please? Thanks

Red eyes

Hello, I always wake up wih red eyes. Can someone please tell me what causes someone to have red eyes in the morning? Thanks in advance.

Noisy belly

Hello I am much upset by my belly that makes all sorts and kind of noise. This is embarrassing when I move to the restaurant with my friends or even if I am at office. For example last time I was in the office of my boss and white signing some papers my belly was making horrible sounds as if there was a war inside and he asked me if I was... Read more

Straightening my curly hair

Good day everyone, my name is Lilly and I have thick and curly hair that I don't appreciate when I leave it in its natural state. I prefer my hair to be straight; the problem is that I can't keep on doing the brushing two times a week and having the straightener daily as my hair turned dry with this strategy. Any option to help me please?

Eye burning

Hello I spend almost 10 or 12 hours before my laptop and now I am having problems to concentrate when driving and it is much more about the eyesight. Sometimes my eyes burn and itch too much that I can't stand it. Can you tell me if it's the laptop can cause this problem?

Why does he masturbate?

Hi I want to know why my partner needs to masturbate so often even if we are together and are very active sexually. Is this normal? I want him to have pleasure only with me and I can't get it why he needs to masturbate?

Pain tolerance

Hello, Is there any possible way to increase pain tolerance in your body please? Thank you.

White discharge

Hello, I'm experiencing some white discharges frequently during the night. Is this something normal? What does it mean to have white discharge? Thank you.