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Plastic surgeries after effects

Hello, From what I understand, it's sillicon that's used and hence it is damn to remain as this for the rest of the person's life. What happens when the person gets old then? Thanks.

Hair transplant surgery

Hello, Hello, I have a bald spot in the middle of my head and I'm decided to get through a hair transplant surgery. I have tried may methods but it seems that it is taking too much time. This is why I'm decided to get through a hair transplant definitely. Yet, I want to know whether it can be something dangerous. Thanks in advance. Read more

Clinical disorder

Hello, What is meant by clinical disorder please? Thank you.

Muscles to bones

Hello, What attaches the muscles to the bones please? Is it the tendons which does this job? Thank you.

Having too much fibre

Hello, What can happen if you have too much fibre in your daily meals please? Thank you.

Testerone level

Hello, How is it possible to boost one's testerone level please? Thank you.

Sexual position

Hello, What is the best sexual position for conceiving a baby please? Thank you.

Oxygen level

Hello, What is the normal oxygen level for a baby please? Thanks in advance.

98 percent

Estrogen can cause cancer?

Hello, I am 36 years old, I surgically menopausal since 5 months. I'm starting to take in weight; I have hot flashes, night sweats. I have been told that estrogen causes cancer of the breast. Is it true that estrogen causes cancer? Is it possible to still control weight when being menopausal? Help me please, I'm starting to ... Read more

I can't walk

Hello, I've undergone a bypass surgery iliofermoral last month and since I felt worst. I can't even walk. Before the intervention the doctor has explained about the reeducation but in the end he did not refer me to anyone and says that I should try walking on my own. I'm so much in pain that I am not able to do so. After my surg... Read more

Too much pressure at work

Hello, I'm a sales executive in a well-known company and my boss exerts lots of pressure upon me. This is horrible and I should admit that I am fed up with it all. I am on the verge of giving them my resignation letter this is like hell for me. I subject to daily anguish and I'm even afraid to go at the office. Read more

Diabetic how to live on my own?

Hello, my problem is that I am diabetic and since I am 8 years old and now that I am 17 I am still at my parents place as I need them. Very often I have nocturnal hypoglycemia that requires the presence of another person to save me. I mean when I am having my crisis I need an injection that I can't do on my own. I want to know: ... Read more

It still pains

Hello, I got a molar extracted since a month and I'm still in pain. What I mean is that the two teeth on each side of the extraction are in plain and they are stiff. Do send me your message if you too are facing same. Thank you.


Hello, I am myopic and I'm at risk when it concerns retinal detachment. For the time being my retina contains just small holes. My specialist refuses to treat theses lesions with laser and he prefers to use cryotherapy and act that requires surgery to weld these lesions. Did anyone carry this one out?

Sniff cigarette powder

Hello, Since it is prohibited to smoke in public places, and as I always need my dose of nicotine I've started to sniff cigarette powder so as not to be deficient of nicotine. How this good or not? I don't have any idea about it but this helps me to fight the desire.

Facial brown spot

I need some advice from people who suffer from brown spot just as me on the face. This is horrible and quite annoying and does not even disappear with makeup. Has anyone found an effective treatment against the brown spot? I'm having same since 2 years and the serum are not very much useful.