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posible embarazo :s??

hola, quiero comentarle que el día 15 tuve relaciones, el último día de mi mesntruación (mis periodos son de 30-31 diás), me duró cinco días es decir del 10 al 15, el viernes 17 hasta el 29 del mismo mes no paré de sacar el flujo elástico propio de la ovulación, nunca me había durado tanto,a partir de ahí tengo un flujo mas pegajoso que n... Read more

Yeast infection

Hello, I had a yeast infection and had sex with my boyfriend. He did use a condom but I wanted to be clear on whether it can get transmitted. Thank you.

Self abuse

Hello, I am a girl and I masturbate, when am with my friends we talk a lot about sex (we are teenagers after all) but when I come up with the subject of masturbation, the girls say that it is disgusting and they don't do it. So I don't have the courage to talk about it any more.

Heavy smoker want to stop !

Hello, I am 29 years old and am a heavy smoker - two packets of cigarettes per day. I smoke all the time; even at night I wake up in the night to smoke. I am so fed up being a slave to cigarettes. I want to stop to on my own will but I am afraid. I am afraid of being depressed, violent etc. Thanks for leaving a message to me.

Can I deliver my child soon?

Hello, I have my little baby moving a lot in my belly and it's somehow exhausting me. Is it possible to deliver the child earlier than the normal natural date? Thank you.