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Vibrating slimming belt

Hello, I would like to buy a vibrating slimming belt but before buying it I need to know if it is really useful. Can I have anyside effect of negative results with same please. Is it really useful to work out the hips and the abdominals? Testimonials from people who have used it are most welcome. Regards Read more

What is molar pregnancy?

Hello can you here help me understanding what is it all about molar pregnancy please? My cousin is pregnant and she only said that she had a molar pregnancy and is going to interrupt the process as soon as possible. I can't get it at all and I am sad for her as she really wanted to have a baby.

How long do we wait?

Hi My partner and I would like to have a baby. Nothing yet? We make love every day and several times per day too but still nothing. We have been trying to have a baby for 4 months and I am just a little but worried about this situation and want to know if everything is normal.

How to do with girls?

Hello, I am Ben, 16 years old and I would like to learn a little bit more about girl's anatomy. Well I have never had any sexual relationship with any girl but I would really like to learn some tips before trying it once. Hum I have a girlfriend and I am very much afraid that my lack of experience might make her go away. ... Read more