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December 8, 2011

Knee pain!

Hello, I had a knee operation in 2008 and I'm still having pain. The operation of the meniscus went well and afterwards a year later I got my ligaments operated too as they were torn and since I finished the rehabilitation my knee is still very painful. Is it normal?

Blood clot after menstruation

Hello, Following the end of my menstruation I am having blood clot and some bleeding. This is happening often this month, I am a bit worried. Also I am having some pain in the right lower part of the abdomen. I need help. May it be noted that I have had some hormonal disturbance 1 year ago and I am having contraceptive pills. Read more

20 days of constipation

Hello, I'm 22 and I'm constipated. I should admit that I am not the best friend of vegetables. But the problem is that my belly is very much swollen and I did not relieve myself since 20 days. This is long isn't it? So do help me friends.

Dizziness, loss of balance, decreasing vision

Hello, Nothing is going in the proper direction these days and I am very much worried. The problem is that I am constantly dizzy; I have a problem with distance evaluation which makes me a danger for others. Very often I have some sorts of loss of balance having the feeling that I am in a boat. I have been through all sorts of medical... Read more

Diabetic how to live on my own?

Hello, my problem is that I am diabetic and since I am 8 years old and now that I am 17 I am still at my parents place as I need them. Very often I have nocturnal hypoglycemia that requires the presence of another person to save me. I mean when I am having my crisis I need an injection that I can't do on my own. I want to know: ... Read more


Hello, Unlucky me I'm leaving with some kind of head ache and migraine that is driving me nuts. This is simply unbearable. Each morning when I have up I have the feeling that there is some kind of pressure which is being exerted on my skull that last for 10 minutes. I don't have much choice than waiting for the pain to calm do... Read more

Too much stress

Hello, I'm here as I'm always suffering from stress. Actually I am a nurse working with old people and this is very tiring and demanding as job. I do love my profession but I can't disconnect from my work even if I am home and I'm not sleeping neither, help me please. Thanks

Arnold Neuralgia

Hello, Since months I am suffering from Arnold Neuralgia with pain from the neck that is proceeding till the head on the left side. Each time I move my mouth or when I eat it pains a lot. After several tests the doctor came to the conclusion that I have osteoarthritis at the neck which might be causing the neuralgia. Now I'm... Read more