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December 24, 2011
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January 31, 2012

I tell such lies?

Hi I wish to talk about myself as I am in such a complicated situation. I spend my time lying to everyone around me it started with my parents about simple stuff and then I was not able to stop myself. I keep on lying to my friends as well as my boyfriend. I have the feeling that they know about my lies but never say anything ... Read more

Bags under the eyes

Hello I am here in the hope to find some answers and solutions from you friends. I suffer from allergy with pollen since long and due to this I have sorts of bags under the eyes and this is not very beautiful daily. After a lymphatic drainage things turned to be worst for me. So can anyone help me to deal with same please?

Stomach pain

Hello, I am sufffering from pain in the stomach, this happens following any meal. Can someone please tell me what's wrong with me? Thanks.

Is that depression ?

Hello, I am katia 18 years old since two weeks i am not able to eat properly unable to sleep at night since my boyfriend left me i feel like dying inside. I use to always take things from the best positive aspects but nothing to do .. i just can erase that guy from my mind.. please help Read more

My identical and different twins

Hi, i have twins at home, wonderful boys who are very different from each other. They share only their intelligence else they are completely different a world apart. Bryan is very active and dynamic whereas his brother Bruce is reserved and never tries to bring friends home or even to go out at night. They are not the best of ... Read more