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Infertility tests

Hello, We have been trying to conceive a baby with no positive result. My husband doesn't seem to be having any trouble since he ejaculates normally. Is there any possible mean to know if I am infertile without the need to get to a doctor please? Thanks in advance.

Any positive encounters utilizing with IVF?

As yet sitting tight to go for my second and third conclusion in the wake of having strange fetuses from two cycles yet now my specialist is proposing utilizing HGH next cycle however it's another cost so I was hoping to see anybody had positive encounters with it.

Update on friend's IVF

Hey all. So my friend met with her doctor's today at the clinic and she is feeling so much better about IVF now. At first, she was really confused and scared. But they explained her everything with such detail and made her feel better about this. She will be starting her procedure in a couple of days now. Really excited for her. Do rememb... Read more