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How to tone my body

Hello, I am 18 years old having 54 kilos for 1m68. I'm happy with what I am but I would like my buttock, legs and arms to be toned. How can i do? I am not at ease in gymnasium so please help me in this. Regards everyone

3 weeks lateness from labor

Hello, My friend should have got her baby 3 weeks ago, but she did not even got contractions or pains, or did she attend her appointment to the hospital. She keeps on waiting and is not willing to have a cesarean that's why she did not attend her appointment. Could this be dangerous please? Is it normal that labour did n... Read more

Small breast

Hello I am 14 years old, I have a boyfriend but we've never done anything together for the time being and I should admit that I really want him to be my first one. Well my problem is that I worry about what my friends say, they are always mocking me that I have small breasts and I don't even feel sexy or beautiful due to this. How do I m... Read more

Pain after treatment

Hello everyone I am having some complications. When I went at the dentist with a horrible pain in my mouth he saw that there was a tooth that had been decaying for approximately 6 months. He has cleaned the tooth and put a dressing on it for 2 weeks. My problem is that I am still in pain and my ears are also suffering a lot. How can this ... Read more

Nausea still at 5 months

Happy being pregnant but unhappy at all the symptoms that come along. I am suffering with nausea, and I have been for 5 months now. I was excited for days to go by so as these symptoms would stop but they did not. I am at 5 months and still vomiting and feeling dizzy when to they stop please?

Pee in bed at 13 years old

Good day friend well I wanted to know how to help my brother to stop peeing in bed, he is 13 years old and still do it in bed. How do I help him? He seems to be very upset due to this. He was not doing it and started back this year! Thanks

Bulbs on the arms and back

Hi I come to you as I need help. Well I scratch a lot and I have bulbs forming on my arms and back as my mother, whereas my sister has same on her legs and this causes large plates and crust. We are all having the same thing and the two of them are being treated for scabies and I need help too.

Gurgling belly

Hello I would like to know how to stop my belly from gurgling please? It is making lots of noise and I'm so embarrassed when people ask if this is my belly!! Help please.

Help! My hair won't grow

Hello, I want my hair grow and I am already taking Brewers Yeast Capsules (which act withing 1 or 2 months delay) and I also make some treatment with shea oil every week. But then, my hair won't grow. If you have any advice for me, I shall be grateful. Thanks in advance!

Continuous bleeding after child delivery

Hello I have delivered my second child on the 20th October 2011. I did not attend my postpartum appointment because of some financial problems. Since the delivery I have had small bleeding from time to time. But last Thursday I have started to have much more blood coming out and it looks very much like menstruation. Also I ... Read more