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November 29, 2011
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April 25, 2012

Regular menstruation

Hello, How many months will the menstruation cycle get back to its regularity please? I've got a 4 month old baby and I've been bleeding for 2 months and after that I've got my first menstruation and nothing for this month. yes I've had unprotected sex. Help please.

Suffering with the braces

Hello I am wearing braces for the past 2 weeks but I am in such pain. My mouth is very sensitive, and the pain is everywhere, I can't stand it. I am not even able to eat normally and it is worst when I have solid food. What should I do please? Will the pain stop?

Allergies treatment side effect

Hi I am 15 years old and I am in trouble. The problem is that due to some allergies I am having some kind of treatment that is making me grow very fat. I am so big that I feel ill-at-ease with my body and I need a diet as soon as possible. I am complex as girls of my class are slim and with nice body except me help me.

Escaping diner does it work?

Hello is it possible to lose weight when escaping diner time? This is what I want to do? Will I feel bad in the morning? Has anyone tried this? I wish to lose some weight but this is not very much easy how can I do? Any other ways? People always say that diner is too heavy sometimes so why not escaping it? Read more