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December 14, 2011
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Breast pain

Hello, Both my breast are very sensitive and painful specially the lower part. My period has just finished last week so what could be the reason please?


Hi I am a girl of 14 years old and I would like to have some advice here please! I measure 1m55 for 45 kilos but I have a big tummy as if a pregnant woman and for sure I am not. How is this possible I don't eat too much and control myself? I need to lose it so can a diet be appropriate or will I have to do sports.

Blocked tube?

Hi I've got to child already, now I have a blocked tube which makes this less easy for me to get pregnant. My husband and I would like another baby will this be possible please?

Dental surgery or mouth splint?

Hey I need an advice urgently please. I went to the dentist who found out that there is a little problem with my mouth. He proposed two solutions to me, either I have a dental surgery or to wear a mouth splint. Can anyone help here?

Hungry with stomach pain

Hi I feel hungry all the day with a feeling of pain in my stomach can anyone explain my why is it so please? I keep on eating to calm the pain and it really works. If I don't eat then the pains starts to grow and turns to be much more horrible with time. Please help me if I continue at this rhythm I'll grow really fat.

Surgery of the nasal septum

Hello I am about to have a surgery of the nasal septum as I have some respiratory problem that really affect my life. What I want to know is; does the intervention really change things and will it affect something in the physical aspect?