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Hello, Hello ladies. It's been a long day, I just came back from work. Before going to bed I just wanted to leave a post here. Does anyone has had surrogacy? Well, the thing is that I'm considering to have one in upcoming 2018. I will first try having an IVF then if things won't be working in my favor. I'll have surrogacy later as a sec... Read more


Hi everyone. I am feeling really really lost. I think I am never going to overcome this loss. I recently lost my kid during birth. I actually got late after my water broke. I was faint. My Husband was at his job. Luckily he came back home after 1 hour of my faintness and picked me up and went recently to hospital but my child was born dea... Read more

Heart broken experience [Closed]

hey all. how are you all dealing with infertility? I'm so heartbroken. so devoted. my sister is blaming me now. she has osteoporosis. she cannot conceive naturally. she was scared of going for alternatives. but I couldn't see her die daily. I contacted *** clinic which seemed appealing at first. explained to them everything. they were so ... Read more

Heart breaking Experience

Hi, Hope you all are doing well. My name is Sidney white. I am married and 33 years old. I had aced 3 miscarriage in the last 5 years. And doctors diagnosed me infertility. I can't conceive naturally because of my heart disease. It was a heart breaking news for me and my husband. But we didn't lose hope. We heard about surrogacy. We decid... Read more