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Red spot on my body

Hello, I'm 20 years old and having strange red spot on my body. Why strange because if I press my finger on the red spot it immediately get more and more red. No itching it simply burn a little bit. How to heal please?

Diet with glucose intolerance

Hello for two months we have discovered that I suffer from a glucose intolerance which was a great surprise for me and the beginning. I a year I have gained 10 kilos without noticing it and I need to lose them but how? Please help me I will be much grateful.

Reeducation after a double fracture

Good morning I am Jonathan, I've been operated last month as after a motocross race I went on with my friends for fun in a place we did not know and get back home with a double fracture of the peroneal tendon. The result of this madness I have screw in my legs with stich ligaments and I have to get into reeducation. Well I went to the fir... Read more

Child on a vegetarian diet?

Good morning my best friend has a daughter of 3 years old and she told me that she wanted her daughter to be vegetarian. I am also the godmother of the little one and I am worried is this good and appropriate for her health please?

Fat tummy

Hello, I have a very fat belly which is not so good looking. I wish to lose weight, does any one has any advices which can help me please? Thanks in advance.

Weed side effect

Hi everyone I wanted to know if it is dangerous to smoke weed well I don't do it daily anymore only once in a while. I mean when I come across some friends one each two months we do smoke will this affect my health or have any lifelong consequences on my health please help me.

Horrible skin due to sunburn

Hi I wanted to know how long does it take for the skin to rebuild itself after a sunburn? I know it is painful but I wanted to know how long it will be horrible :(

Epilepsy is destroying my life

Hi people I am a girl of 17 years old I have been operated due to a tumor in the brain and I am back home. I feel bad because of the epilepsy crisis, this drives me mad and miserable and I am not even able to speak about this at all. What should I do?

Loss of sexual interest

Hi I have been with my man for 4 years. We have sex only once a month and I need much more to be calm and I find this stupid to get on with masturbation when I have a man at home. What can be his problem? Normally its women who face a loss of desire in sex. I need help please.

He urinates a lot

Hi I've got a friend who drinks lot and who is always victim of dizziness and says that he is tired. He also urinate a lot can it be possible that he is suffering from diabetes?