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November 29, 2011
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April 24, 2012

Too hungry!!!

Hi I've followed a protein diet and I've lost nearly 9 kilos I am really happy but the problem is that since I've stopped my diet I am hungry all the time. What should I do? Any way to solve my hunger please? If I really let myself tempted I would keep on eating all the time. Please help me!

My girlfriend and i are itching

Hello two weeks ago I was having pimples on the inner arms and at the back of my knee it itches a lot and the doctor gave me a cream to calm the irritation. Well the itching did not really stop and my girlfriend is having the same stuff as I do now . What can it be please, what treatment can we take to stop the itching and pimples?

Itching after breakfast

Hi, For two weeks I have the feeling that there are little stuffs on my tongue in the morning and it is strange. I also have nausea. I am not pregnant I don't have a boyfriend. Why does this happen everyday after my breakfast please?

Strange noise in my ears

Hi, I have the feeling that there is a strange sound in my ears and this troubles me a lot. How do I do to stop it? As if someone is playing with a hammer. It is not very loud, but once my head on the pillow it catches me again. Tell me more about this guy. Thanks in advance for ur answers