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November 29, 2011
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April 25, 2012

Painful sexual intercourse

Hello, I am 22 years old and suffering from my sexual relationship with my boyfriend. This is very painful when he penetrates me or even moves out. I should admit that i feel really annoyed in talking about this to the doctor so please help me here. Thanks

Swollen foot

Hi my dad suffers from diabetes since 5 years and now things are changing a lot for him. He is having insulin injections daily and unfortunately he noticed that his left foot is swollen since then is this possible or not? How to do to stop these symptoms? His foot is also painful and sensible and mostly white.

Wheezing in my ears

Hey I'm suffering from tinnitus since 10 years and I am used to it but my problem is that I can also hear acute wheezing since 3 months and this is annoying. I don't know if it is still the tinnitus or something else but I would like to have some help if possible. Is it possible to have the tinnitus going worst please?

Bad cold

Hello, I'm having a very bad cold which is lasting over two weeks. I'm really worried about it and want to know what is the actual trouble. Can someone please help me about it? Thanks.

Dunkan diet a flop

Hi I tried to follow the regime Dunkan and it does not work at all any other way or advised diet to lose weight? I am with a surplus of 10kg that I need to lose a soon as possible. Please do help me as far as you can. Thanks