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Banana allergy

Hello can anyone help me here? I want to know if it is possible to develop an allergy to banana. Well my husband who really likes eating bananas every day is having some problem he's got mouth ulcers and itching. AT first we thought it was something else and now that I am questioning him on what he takes daily we concluded that it might b... Read more

He changed after relocation

Hi my son of 15 years old has turned to be very strange since our relocation. We had to change his school too and I guess he is not able to cope with the changes, how to do? He does not go out at all, or try to make new friends and remain in his room all the time. Give me your suggestion please

Stopped smoking but losing weight

Hello, I have stopped smoking but instead of gaining weight, I am losing weight. Is this normal please? Thanks in advance.

Natural treatment against acne

Hello I am 18 years old and I would like to have a natural remedy against acne please? I am surviving with same since a long moment and I am fed up too much or them are making my life a complete chaos. I've heard about green clay but also the virtues of citrus on the skin. Can you confirm here please?

Spectacles all the time?

Hello I went the ophthalmologist who gave my spectacles, but the problem is that he told me to make use of same only if I am reading or in front of the PC. My problem is that I am all the time in front of the PC as I work on same and I need to know how to do? Do I wear same during 12 hours? Thanks a lot.

Ventolin side effects

Hello I suffer from asthma since 10 years and every day I make use of my aerosol this is a must for me. I also have different allergies with which I deal very well. But the use of Ventolin is so compulsory for me. What I need to know is if there is a long term side effect? From Minette S

Alcohol, cannabis, cigarettes at 16 yrs old

Good morning My half-sister got very bad habits and I am so very worried about her. She smokes; she takes alcohol daily and also consumes cannabis. We don't live together anymore and family's problems are affecting her a lot. She is a very intelligent girl but no one is able to control her. At 16 years old she is rebelling herself and... Read more