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November 29, 2011
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January 26, 2012

Yellow liquid

Hello, I have yellow liquid coming from my nipples. I am not pregnant so this cannot be milk, can someone please help me about it? I am pretty afraid about it. Thanks for your help.

Heavy periods

Hello, I'm at the college and I normally have heavy periods. The trouble is that the periods are so painful that I miss college when I have them. Can you please tell me what I need to do? Any suggestion is welcomed. Thank you.

Swollen scrotum

Hello, I feel like my scrotum is slightly swollen and I fear that this may be a problem with my testicles. Can it be a testicular cancer please? Thanks in advance.

Always having chewing gums

Hello, I have developed a bad habit of eating chewing gum and I was wondering whether it can be dangerous to my health. Thanks for any reply.

Nosebleeding since yesterday

Hello, It's the second time that my nose has bled, I am very worried about it, what may be causing this please? Thank you.

Building a muscular body

Hello, I want to build myself a muscular body but I'm wondering how I could do this faster? Thanks.

Excessive thirst

Hello, I have a four years old son and the problem is that he is always thirsty and wants to drink something everytime. Is this normal please? Thanks in advance.

Hairs growing thicker

Hello, I have always been shaving my genital parts and armpits with a razor and when they grow back, I find that they grow thicker. It makes it painful to shave it with a razor. Is this something normal please? Thanks for your help.

Does tobacco release stress?

Hello, can tobacco help in releasing stress please? I am asking such questions as I notified that many people smoke when they are stressed and I thought it is so because maybe this help in fighting stress.

Sex after childbirth

Hello, how long do we have to wait after childbirth to resume to our sexual life please? My husband is going mad and we are lucky as our baby is so very calm all the time. Thanks for answering, I have had normal childbirth.

After the stroke?

Hello I want to ask a question about my husband who had a stroke last week. Well his father passed away suffering from stroke and now it's my husband who is ill. I am troubled and so anxious and I don't know how to help him. In 4 days he will have a coronary angiography.

Pinched nerves

Hello, I need to learn a bit more about pinched nerves. It started a week ago I turned violently on my neck which cracked and then I felt a sort of release from the base of the neck to the back of the skull. Since then I am feeling pressure in my head, at the temples behind the ear and head. Now I'm having stiff neck what shou... Read more

Under treatment for hypertension

Hello, I have been detected having hypertension since eight years now and it has become a real trouble for me. I'm on continuous treatment and having medication. I have been to the hospital recently and I have been told that I may be having cholesterol. I wondering whether it is something possible to have hypertension and cholesterol ... Read more

Cramps how to eliminate them?

Are there any bikers here? I am a biker and I have a big problem I have cramps very often in my thigh and this is very painful but dangerous also. Once it happened that I had fallen down from my motorbike due to a cramp and I don't really know how to deal with them right now. Answers are the most welcome. Read more

Osteogenesis imperfecta

Hello, My name is Dona, 38 years old and doctors have diagnosis the disease of osteogenesis imperfecta or brittle bone disease to me. I am very much affected by this terrible news but I know that I will have to live with this. If there is anyone who can tell me more, relating me your daily routine with this illness it might help a l... Read more

Vaginal pain since months

Good afternoon My name is Stella, suffering from vaginal pain. Since some months I am living with this pain. The problem is that I did not even notice that I was suffering. Before, during and after my menstruation I am in pain so i thought it was all about my mens and I did not pay attention. But now I can notice that I am... Read more