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Should I take risks to get pregnant?

Hi, there! I decided to post here as I need some help and advice right now. I had some kidney problems. Actually, it’s an infection that bothers me from time to time. I usually take some antibiotics and it retrieves. I’m childless and my hubby and I are willing to become parents soon. However, my GP says it’s quite risky as my kidneys may... Read more


Hello, i have a friend who is a bit older than i am. he recently got married to a younger lady and they have been having a lot of issue since they started to try conceiving. he has kids from his earlier marriage. i started to think that it might be the young lady but i cant get into that. what advice can i give to my good friend??


Hello, What are the precautions to take after a cesarean please? Thank you.

foods and diets

Hello, Are there foods that one can eat to increase their chances to conceive?