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My story

Hey everyone. I am here to share my infertile story. I have been facing it for more than 4 years. I had a severe accident. After that, I started having a problem with my heartbeat. It often goes high and often goes low. Through this doctor has decided for me not to conceive naturally. It would be dangerous for me. I thought to try alterna... Read more


Hi guys! How are you all? Looking forward to making new mommy friends and connecting with them. I’m writing this post to share some of the concerns I have about my son. He is nine months old. Great kid overall. I and my husband had him through surrogacy. We tried to conceive for three years. With no luck, we had lost all hope. So we went ... Read more

Surrogacy Overseas

Hello everybody, I am opening new medical tourism company. My goal is to helt childless families have their baby. Our company will take care of all the needs that couple will have. But my question is what do you think of this service?! What are the obstacles for you? Please write your opinian. Thank you Read more

IVF advie

Hello! I hope that somebody can give me some advice. You know, my spouse and I have always wanted to have a baby. We have been trying to for a long time. But it wasn’t a success. That is why we decided to turn to a doctor. It turned out, that I had some problems with my health. That is why I can’t have my own children. We were really fru... Read more

Update on friend's IVF

Hey all. So my friend met with her doctor's today at the clinic and she is feeling so much better about IVF now. At first, she was really confused and scared. But they explained her everything with such detail and made her feel better about this. She will be starting her procedure in a couple of days now. Really excited for her. Do rememb... Read more


Hi Everyone! Today I m going to share my sister's journey with everyone. She was in my early 20s when she got married. She started trying to conceive from that time. She tried for 6 years and nothing happened. She also suffered 2 miscarriages. Her life was a mess. She was honestly dead from inside. She was so jealous and upset whenever sh... Read more


Hello ladies. I want some help from you. I am really tensed about my health condition. I am 33 years old. My problem is that I cannot conceive naturally. Because doctor recognized me of heart disease. I have mitral stenosis. Due to which blood in my heart veins do not flow in a streamline manner. Rather its flow is in turbulent way. Thus,... Read more

I need some inspiration.

Hello, Hi there. I got diagnosed with infertility. I am finding it hard to accept this. Is anyone else here in the same boat as me? Has anyone managed to have a child against the odds? Do share your success stories please. I need some inspiration.

Opting for surrogacy

I am 34 years old. After having plenty of miscarriages, I have decided to check alternative ways of having a baby. Adoption is something, I do not want to consider. Surrogacy and IVF have been mentioned around as decent alternatives. How many people around here have gotten one of that done? How has your experience been with it? Should I g... Read more