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Hello, I am feeling numbness on the side of my face and I just cannot understand what's the trouble with me. Has anyone else ever had the same trouble as me? Thanks in advance.

Treatment of acne

Hello, Can you please tell me what I need to do because I'm suffering with acne often. What is the treatment for getting rid of it please? Thank you.

Wisdom teeth extraction and pain

I am facing hard times. I got two wisdom teeth removed last week and here I am again suffering like a dog. Now there is another tooth that is paining like hell and I don't know how to cure it and the doctor is not free to receive me:(. Urgent need for help please.

Phimosis too painful

Hi I am suffering from phimosis and this pains me a lot well I have to tell same to my parents but I don't know quite well how to do. It's not shame but I am so ill at ease to talk about this with my mother can anyone help me about this little problem as the doctor told me that I will have to undergo an operation as soon as possible.

How to stop smoking please?

Hi I 1m 16 years old and I want to stop smoking as soon as possible. I can't stand it I am suffering from acute pain in the stomach but the biggest problem is that I have developed bronchitis in the meantime. I badly need help to stop smoking as I am fully aware that this will be damaging my life.

Chicken pox at 16

Chickenpox at 16 years old this is destroying my life and the New Year ? Will the scars disappear or not?

Always going to the toilet

I always want to go to the toilet, you might say that I drink too much of water but I simply consume as everyone when need is to. Well each time that I intake water I have to go to the toilet immediately and the worst is that when I attend the toilet it's for some little drops nothing to do with the whole desire that I felt. Help me p... Read more

Can i be pregnant again?

Hi is it possible that you can fall pregnant again after childbirth? Since I got home I still have not had my period but I have had unprotected sex with my husband and I am a bit worried. Thanks.

Laser intervention or surgery

Hello after some problem with his throat my father went to the doctor and some weeks earlier the bad news came, he is suffering from a throat cancer which is situated on the wall of the left vocal cord. He has to decide between laser intervention and surgery and we want to know what is best for him? How long will he have to endure... Read more

Dislocated jaw

Hi anyone with dislocated jaw please? My jaw creaks all the time but it does not hurt. The annoying part is that it happens at any time, when I laugh or yawn or even when I am eating. This makes me feel embarrassed when I am out. Today it was stuck for almost 10 minutes and I did panicked. Help me what should be done. Read more