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Hello, I'd like to share my story here after my first childbirth I had a uterine prolapse, due to which I got serious urinary problems, pelvic pressure, and difficulty with bowel movements so I had to go for hysterectomy. Well like any other woman I panicked at first but now things are coming back to normal and also my husband and I hav... Read more

Coming back to conceive with better motivation...

Hello there! Hope everyone's fine here. Well, I just joined back the forum after more than a few months. As I've used it before. I took a half year back from conceiving. Some of you may know me here. I'm Diviya, 38 from Houston. I've been a TTC for so many years. Have posted my story here before. Now, back to make some new buddies. I'm ha... Read more

How successful is IVF in first attempt?

Hi all, I'm new to this forum. I met my SO late if life (31 yrs) and we've had been TTC for past 2 years without any success.I wanted to know how successful is IVF in first attempt as I'm keen on skipping the whole IUI that my OB suggested me and move onto IVF directly. I'm soon to turn 35 (may 21st) and have around 1 year to get pregnan... Read more

my coronary illness

Hello, We all have good moments and bad moments in our lives. I also had a few good ones. But now the bad ones are active. My significant other truly adores youngsters a considerable measure. I also love them too much. We were extremely cheerful to begin a family. In any case, we were not intended to be upbeat any longer. The news of my c... Read more