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Cysts at the ovary

Hi, I have been trying for a baby for 5 years, finally it's on the way. I am 2 month pregnant but I am having some complication that I hope won't ruin it all. The gynecologist found 2 cysts on the left ovary in fact he explained that that they are follicles that were not fertilized and then transformed into these cysts. I need now to kn... Read more

Back pain at 9 month

Hello I am at the beginning of the 9th month of pregnancy and I am afraid. I am suffering with terrible back pain. It is so bad I have to stay in bed. Can anyone help me for this please?

Crooked teeth

After visiting several dentist most of them told me that at 30 years old it is too late to correct my crooked teeth. I am desperate and one of them talks about mouth plastic surgery. I wanted to try this can anyone tell me more?

Foreskin problems

Hi I suffer from diabetes for the past 3 years and I am now going through the bad times I guess. Well when I tried to masturbate I found that my foreskin refused to come down and that it was painful. Is this due to diabetes please? What should I do please? Is this normal?

After curettage

Due to a heart failure of the fetus I had to stop my pregnancy and have curettage last month. After that I went back to the doctor for some test and to confirm if everything was removed but this is not the case and he gave me medicine to pull out the rest of the fetus. I am extremely afraid anyone who has been suffering from same please?

Partial blindness

Yesterday I went to the supermarket for my shopping and something strange happened to me. I had a severe headache and I lost my vision from the right eye. I was afraid and at a complete lost. Can anyone explain me what is this due please? I got back my vision within the 10 to 15 minutes after the sudden blindness and my head was exploding... Read more

Anorexia how to help?

Hello I want to help my best friend and I really don't know how to do! She is suffering from anorexia and she has changed a lot. She is very important to me and has never let me down and it's my turn to be here for her, but how? I really don't know how to give her help please give me some suggestions please! We are both 13 and will be 14 ... Read more

Itchy after shaving

Hello, I always feel itchy when I shave my genitals, do you have any advice for me please? It is very irritating at the time that I am taking to you. Thanks in advance.

Frequent migraines

Hello, I have frequent migraines, the one I have now I have been suffering with for 3 days. I have been living on painkillers. Can you please tell me what may be causing this? Thanks in advance.

Straight teeth

Hi last year I had to interrupt the orthodontic treatment that I was having and now I can see that in fact the treatment was not over at all as my teeth are not straight and this is not nice for me. I am looking for a discreet way to change things and to align my teeth without having to wear braces. Thanks for helping.

Pus from my eyes

Good day yesterday morning I woke up with red eyes which were painful. I still went to my office and at the end of the day my eyes were crying with pus coming out from them and they were so swollen that I was barely able to see with them. What can I do?

Shakings and fainted

Hello, I started feeling dizzy and shaking before I finally fainted. When I woke up, I felt so weak that I had some difficulty getting up. What may have caused this please? Thank you.

Problem with hymen

Hello, I have a problem with my hymen and I have been to the gynecologist and he has set an appointment for me. I have never been to a gynecologist before and I'm afraid. Is this going to be something painful please? Thank you.

Taking antibiotics

Hello, I got sick and went to the doctor who prescribed me some antibiotics. It was actually an infection. However, during the treatment I started having some pimples appearing on my back. Can it be these medication that is causing this trouble please?

Lump on the testicle

Hello, I have a lump on the testicle and wanted to know whether this may be a sign of testicular cancer. Can someone please tell me what I need to do please?