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December 12, 2011
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December 12, 2011

Blue spots under the eyes

Hello, I do hope that someone can provide some help. I have blue spots under my eyes. I sleep at least 9 hours daily and I'm unable to determine the cause of these blue spots each morning, Someone told me that it is due to my veins. Could it be true?

Blood test and beer

Hello, I'm to make a blood test on Friday 16th December and I had some couple of beers (4 pinches) yesterday. I just wanted to know if the blood test will reveal any traces of alcohol in my blood ? Thanks you all.

Allergic to fruits

Hi For about 1 year from now, when I eat fruits, my throat scratches. It started with melon and gradually all other fruits. Most importantly I suffer from the same effect upon drinking pure fruit juice. What can I do to prevent this? Thank you for your advice.

My kid is suffering from dental cavities

Hello, My 4 year old son has two cavities which are painful and preventing him from sleeping. But still he refuses to open his mouth at the dentist. What can be done? Thank you for your advices