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December 22, 2011
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January 25, 2012

Penis problems

Hello I am having some sexual problems that make me anxious. I could be infertile!!!! I tried to retract my foreskin during masturbation, but was unable to. The gland is too sensitive, also I don't ejaculate at all. Help me in this please!

No mens since 5 months

Hi... I am very confused as since 5 month I've been in childbirth but still no menstruation. I am worried and was thinking that maybe I was again pregnant. But I can't imagine this to happen to me as I've been careful, making use of birth control pills daily, but not having my menstruation yet help me please.

Spot near the vagina

Hello, I have found a spot near my vagina and it is quite weird. It is all red, can you please tell me what it is ? Thanks in advance.

Pulse of 105

Hello I just took my pulse and it was 105 per minutes and I am living with a leak in the mitral valve which is not very nice for me. Can this sudden change in my pulse be due to this please?

Nervous twitch how to stop them?

Hello since childhood I am suffering from a nervous twitch and this is very annoying. This always happen when I am watching TV, in front of a film it is always the same my head goes from left to right each time. This nervous twitch also prevents me from concentrating as I should in the films, and very often I have to control it and this p... Read more

Trembling hands

Hi I am 17 years old and my hand trembles a lot - why? My friends are always laughing at me saying that I'm suffering from Parkinsons - can It be? Am I not too young?

She hates me :(

My mother seems to hate me she ignores me all the time and is always harsh to me. Well now that I live on my own she never calls or cares for me. With my brother she has a good relationship but it is as if I remind her of bad things or that I took something away from her. When I ask my brother why things are so he says I am being complica... Read more

No baby after 4 years?

Hi I have the feeling that I am cursed as for 4 years I have been trying for a pregnancy. I did have a miscarriage at 2 month of pregnancy earlier this year. I was so excited and then so disappointed. I need help? Will I one day be able to conceive a baby?