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Beware of Such Clinics

Hi, Hope you are all doing well. I want to share my experience related to *** clinic. I am an infertile. Infertility is really painful. So my husband and I decided to go for surrogacy. We heard positive reviews about *** clinics so we decided to contact it. We are not from Ukraine. So we emailed *** clinic several times and asked about th... Read more

I did six rounds of IVF

I did six rounds of IVF between 2004 and 2007, including one with donor sperm. I also did a frozen embryo transfer with donor embryos. Receiving the package of IVF meds in the mail was so exciting, then we'd get to the embryo transfer and the excruciating two-week wait to see if it worked. Twice, it did and was so thrilling, but both time... Read more

Desperately want to give birth

Hello, I am 29 years old and my husband is 10 years older than me. We have been married for 11 months and I'm not pregnant. We have sexual intercourse almost everyday. I desperately want a baby. What should I do? thanks.

is she pregnant ?

We had sex a week ago or 2. since that day she started feeling. nauseous & stomach pain. but we used a condom. She took a test yesterday and was negative. but she still has pain and nausea, please help!! Read more


how are you doing ladies!!! I am fine and hoping you also trying your best to conceive. I am with you in the same boat. I have heard about the *** clinic. Their clinical conditions are not suitable now a day. If you have any experience them, please share your story with us. Please let me aware with your comments because I have applied the... Read more

Difficulty conceiving

Hello, I'm 20 years old and my partner is 28. We have been married for over a year. We are trying for a baby but no luck conceiving. How do I know whether it's because I'm infertile that I'm having such a trouble? Thanks in advance.

No baby after 4 years?

Hi I have the feeling that I am cursed as for 4 years I have been trying for a pregnancy. I did have a miscarriage at 2 month of pregnancy earlier this year. I was so excited and then so disappointed. I need help? Will I one day be able to conceive a baby?

IVF treatment?

Hello I am 33 years old and still no baby and with my husband we were considering to have recourse do the IVF because we really want and need to have a child. Actually I wanted to have some comments from women who have been through this process. My cousin has done same and the result us negative at 37 years old with a transfer of 2 embryo... Read more


Hello, i have a friend who is a bit older than i am. he recently got married to a younger lady and they have been having a lot of issue since they started to try conceiving. he has kids from his earlier marriage. i started to think that it might be the young lady but i cant get into that. what advice can i give to my good friend??

IVF information

Hey ladies!!! How are you? well here is cool weather. I am enjoying as well as thinking about *** clinic. Mostly woman is against it. I have seen them how rudely they express their experience and feelings about them. their paramedical staff, environmental conditions, and laboratories are not as well equipped as they should be. Guys like s... Read more

New user sharing her story!

Hello, everyone. I hope you all are doing fine. I am a new user.. As you could tell from the title. I love this place so much. I think it is pretty specail. A great thank you to you all for being part of this place. Now let me as a question to you all. What do you think about me going again for IVF. I have done it once. It turned out succ... Read more