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November 28, 2011
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January 28, 2012

Lump on my lips

Hi all during holidays I bit my inner lower lips and since then I have something like a lump inside. I've tried to pierce it and used some treatments but nothing worked. Can anyone help me in improving things it is very urgent as I am a girl and I am worried if I intend to have a boyfriend. Thanks.

Stone in the left kidney

Hello friends, well the doctor declared that I am having stone in my left kidney and I am in such a lot of pain that I am at a complete lost and just don't know what to do. I really need help, as even if I drink lots of water with a full bladder I am not able to pee as I should do. Please help me.

Belly pain after food

Hi my belly is every day in pain why is this so please? Can anyone help me here? Give me a good way of treating this as I don't like it to be ill or to go to the doctor. This happens most of the time after having food. I do have my menstruation regularly without any complications. Thanks a lot.

No sperm during ejaculation

Hi further to some weight problem I am following treatments which are affecting my ejaculation. I do masturbate daily, since I am taking the medicine for weight problems I have no sperm coming out during ejaculation. What should I do? I feel really ill-at-ease to see my doctor for same. And this situation is very weird. Can it lea... Read more