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Myopia and colored lenses

Good day I suffer from myopia and I would like to undergo an operation to correct my vision. But I wonder if it will be also possible for me to wear blue lenses afterwards. I have natural brown eyes and I want to change this to blue, but is it possible to wear lenses after such an intervention?

Asthmatic, sex life?

Hi I am afraid to have sex with my man as I suffer from severe asthma and I am afraid that too much emotion or a straining sexual intercourse might make me sick again. How do I do? Is it possible to still have sex without falling ill? I can't imagine myself taking pleasure and having an asthma crisis at the same time

Sleepy all the time

Why is it that I feel sleepy all the time? Is this normal? I really try to have the eight hours of sleep but this is almost impossible as I can't sleep often it is gone 2 a.m.I have to wake up at 7 every day. I yawn all the day and this is not very appropriate when I have to work for more than 8 hours.

Without condoms

I am 15 years old and I have had my second sexual intercourse with my boyfriend. Well he make use of the condom when we made it the first time but not on the second time. He removed himself each time when he was on the verge of ejaculating still I am upset.

Warts on my penis

Hello I am 16 years old, am a boy and in a relationship with a nice girl. Well let's talk about my problem. I found warts on my penis this morning and I am very much panicked as I intended to bring my girlfriend home for our first time. Is this still possible? The use of condoms will do? Do I see the doctor?

Red eyes everyday

Hello, I am a data entry operator and I spend most of the time in front of the screen. Since two weekend I have noticed that my eyes are regularly red at the end of the day what can I do to stop this?

Juvenile arthritis i want to help

Hello, My niece is 10 years old suffers from juvenile arthritis, for over a year now, and this is effecting her life. She can hardly bend her knee, also now we have learnt that the elbow also is affected. I wish to know if there is a solution. How can I help?