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Red spots on the face

Hello, I have red spots on my face since childhood and there are many creams that I have tried but in vain. They never went away. Will I have this on my face for all my lifetime please? How can I get these removed? Thanks for your help.

How to get rid of allergy

Hello, My little son has an allergy and each time he has small pimples that appear on his cheek. How can he get rid of this please? Thanks.

Redness on the cheeks

Hello, I often experience redness on my cheeks. Can this be from an allergy please? Thanks in advance.

Scar on the chest

Hello, When I was still a kid, I stepped in a piece of bottle which injured me at the chest. It was rather a deep wound and the scar is still here. I want to get this removed, can anyone please help me about it? Thanks in advance.

Shy about my breasts

Hello, I have so big breasts that all the people watch me strangely everywhere. There are some guys who just fix my breasts. Is there a possible mean to get smaller breasts please? Thanks kindly for your help.

Three pimples on my cheek

Hello, I am having acne and I need to know how to prevent it from spreading, please help me, it's urgent. Thank you.

Dark rings under my eyes

Hello, I have dark rings under my eyes. It's been just a few months before that it started appearing. Is there any natural therapy or tip that can help me get rid of these please? Thank you.

Red spots

Hello, I have some red spots on my face and it has been spreading greatly. There are some parts of my face which have become dark. How can I know whether is this is from an allergy or not? Thanks for any answer.

Dark lines under the eyes

Hello, I have dark lines that are appearing right under my eyes. Is this from any kind of allergy please? It is the first time that I am having this. Please help me, it's urgent. Thanks in advance.

Worried about hair loss

Hello, everyone i am new to this forum. here i want discuss about hair loss. i am suffering from hair loss.. i have taken many treatment .. but i did not get any good result .. so please give me good me suggestion .. thanks

stretch marks

would like to ask if there is any effective cream or lotion to reduce visibility of strech marks, due to pregnancy.

Weird pimples

Hello, I have some pimples on my back and they are really strange. It is as if the pimples are under the skin, has someone ever had this? How can I get these removed please? Thanks for your help.

Hair lose

Hello, We are suffiring from hair lose for 3 years we used maney type of medisene but no privilese i am 27 year old and my 25% hair has been white my hair lose start middle point sir i have phasing problem please give me relevent feadback.