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Losing weight in 4 weeks' time

Hello, Can I please know how much weight I may lose by exercising in four weeks. I need to lose weight from the thighs. I find myself so fat. Can someone please help me about it? I'm determined to lose weight by exercising but any other advices will be most welcomed. Thanks in advance.

I am concerned about my daughter's weight

Hi all. My daughter is 14 and I am very concerned about her weight. In the family, we are used to healthy eating but since an early age, she has been chubby. But lately she has gained more wegith, so much so I think she is now overweight for her height. I have tried to put her on diet and made her drinks liters of water a day as well as ... Read more

Heavy bout of sneezing

Every morning, I wake up and have a sneezing fit!! It can last up to 2 hours. It stops when I am at work. All that sneezing give's me a headache. I am unable to work properly and only want one thing: go back home and sleep! But the thing is that when I will go home and sleep, I will wake up to only begin to sneeze again. My life is becom... Read more

My dad has a lung cancer

Hello, My dad is 58 years old and after going to the doctor's 2 days ago, he learnt that he had lung cancer. Does anyone know the symptoms of this disease? And also, my dad has never smoked before, well not that I know, I am 30 and have never seen my dad touch a single cigarette. What could have caused it and should I expect him to rec... Read more

Still having my period during pregnancy

Hello everyone. I am not concerned about the fact that I am having my period during my pregnancy (I am now at 3 months) but just wondered why it happened. The doctor tried to explain it to me but I got really confused about it. I was wondering if it has ever happened to someone else here and if she could explain why it happens usually. Th... Read more