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Vagina discharge

Hi I am 2 week from the due date to enter labor and I am really bad. I am suffering from kidney pain all the time either I stay in bed or if I'm up and walking. The biggest problem is that earlier while going to the shop I had some mucus which like eggs white coming out from my vagina and I the need to go to the toilet very often. Am I e... Read more

Late in deliever of baby

Hello, My wife is not far from having our baby. Her due date was 28 of January but seems as if the little one is not willing to move out to let us see him. Why is this so ?

Pins and Needles

Good day, something strange happened to me and I wanted to know a bit more about my problem please. Well I have the feeling that there is electricity flowing in my leg and toes at times this is annoying and so strange for me that I am not much able to stand it. Do help me in solving my problem. I am a woman of 30 years old thanks... Read more

Afraid of the out world

I can't move out from my house, I suffer a lot of my belly, I also feel dizzy when I have to move out this is impossible for me now. When I try to move out I tremble and want to go to the toilet, I sweat from head to toe. Help me what is this due to. Already one month I am not out at the beginning it felt good but no more.

Coughing at night

Hi Our 3 year old daughter suffers with a persistant night time cough. It goes on and on. The doctor suspects her to have an allergy but we have to wait for an appointment to see the specialist next month. Will she turn to be asthmatic please? I am upset as I know this can't be cured and is very dangerous.

Save my nose

Help me in saving my nose please as this is a very important part of me. Well I was diagnosed with a nasal cell infiltrating on the right nostril. I am destroyed and so much afraid. I am looking for good ways to carry out the operation without leaving too much scars on my little and beautiful nose. Help me please it anyone here has ever b... Read more

Weight gain advise please

I measure 1m75 and 60 kilos I am not happy with my body I think I am too thin. I also need a better shape. Everyone around laughs at me or make fun of my body, I am slim but this is not my choice. I eat but still I don't gain weight. Help me in changing this please thanks a lot.

Cervical cancer

Good day everyone this post is urgent. Well my girlfriend just announced me that she is having a cervical cancer in the uterus and I am out of my sense. Well 6 months ago before we met I have had sex with another girl and I am very afraid that I could have been transmitting same to her. What should I do is this possible? How to help her? ... Read more

Adrenal cortical gland cancer

Hello this is very hard for us to live with. My niece suffers from an adrenal cortical gland cancer and I wanted to know if anyone recovered from this. She is 20, such a beautiful and nice girl who is being very strong. Thanks for your answers.

Contraception dilemma?

Hello, I am very much afraid at taking the contraceptive pill and I hate condoms. So for the time being my boyfriend has to handle it all and remove himself before ejaculation but I don't like it this way. Will I gain weight with the pills?

Pregnant at 17

Hi everyone I am 17 years old and I am pregnant, I really want to keep the baby but the father my boyfriend is against the idea he says he won't be able to handle both of us and that I will have to get rid of the baby. I am very frustrated and afraid I don't know what to do, my parents are not aware of anything. Help me please. Read more

Felling dizzy with spinning head

Holidays at the mountain were not such a good idea in the end. Now that I am back home, I have the feeling of being dizzy and also nausea and my head spins from time to time. Thanks for helping me in understanding.

My heart leaps

My heart leaps and I am worried and uncomfortable. I don't have much choice I have to live with this but what can be done to makes things easier for me? It happens every 10 minutes and I have some problems in coping with the rhythm that my heart is leading. It also happens much more when I am stressed. Well I have too close beat, ... Read more