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Diabetes type 1 and hyperglycemia

Hello, I want to have some explanations about hyperglycemia please. I suffer from diabetes type 1 and it was discovered by ketoacidosis, 3 years ago. Actually what is very strange in my situation is that i never take breakfast and I have an excellent level of glucose in the morning till mid day where it goes very bad. Can an... Read more

Red ears

I have red ears and they are painful. I swear it my ears are red almost like radish and very hot. A part of it is swollen but there is no injury or thing as such. What should I do?

She needs to stop cigarettes

Hi I need help to convince my girlfriend that she needs to stop smoking. I hate the taste of same and also the smell. She used to smoke one per day now it is 3 per day and for sure the amount will increase in less than no time. How to stop her?

Not appendicitis but still in pain

My belly is very much in pain this is nearly unbearable. First visit at the doctor he thought that it was appendicitis but the exams were negative. Still I am in pain and no treatment has been given till now. Please help me in this.

Unable to give him pleasure

I am very frustrated as I am in love with my boyfriend. I am not experienced at sex. Well when we are together he is able to make me have an orgasm but I am unable to give him pleasure. I feel stupid and he always says it's ok but I would like him to have pleasure. Help.

Pumping milk from my breast

Hello friends I am the happy mother of a little baby girl of 2 and a half months who is perfect and growing healthily. My problem is that I will resume work within 2 weeks and I am not able to express milk with the machine. Can anyone advise me on this subject please, I'll be grateful.

Tropical fruit allergies

Do you think it is possible to suffer from an allergy with fruits? My mother has last week indulged lots of tropical fruits during her travel to Madagascar and particularly Litchi. Seems that this does not suit her at all because she has got a giant urticaria on her body. Meggie