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Dark lines under the eyes

Hello, I have dark lines that are appearing right under my eyes. Is this from any kind of allergy please? It is the first time that I am having this. Please help me, it's urgent. Thanks in advance.

What are Weight Loss Methods for a Healthy life?

How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off. Dieting Tips that Work and Won't Make You Miserable. Any type of regular physical activity, no matter how moderate, can help you to lose body fat.

The day was emotional

Hello, Hello.The day was emotional, unexpected and completely unforgettable. The day was 9 days overdue.I was an exhausted, first-time mum, waiting for the exciting yet scary moment I thought I had thoroughly prepared for. Birthing classes spent with my mum (aka my doula) and my husband, notes taken, reading countless articles, experie... Read more