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Lymph node in the side of my neck

Hello, This is my problem and I have small lumps at that part of the neck. I had been told that it's just an infection 6 months back. It has got so itchy now. I even have great troubles when I get to bed, does anyone has the same trouble? Any advices please?

Why do I have a lump in my anus? [Solved]

Hello, While wiping myself, I noticed that I have a small lump in the anus and when I touch it, it hurts. Please help.

Pain in the knee after snowboarding

Hi after a fracture at the knee the doctor told me to have an MRI which is scheduled for next week. In the meantime I went snowboarding. At the beginning everything was good and afterwards it started to pain a lot, with trouble in straightening my leg. What can it be? Help please!

The doctors don't know what's wrong

Hello, For 4 years I have worked in a restaurant. For the past few weeks I have developed a deep pain in my shoulder. I am unsure what to do any help please? Thanks in advance.

Loosing weight

Hello, I need some advice. I want to loose some extra belly fat. No matter how hard I train (at least 2 hours in the gym each day), I'm not having any success. As result , I have a quite muscular body, but a big , fat stomach. If you have some good tips or training exercises, I'll be around. Thanks for your time. Read more