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December 3, 2011
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Fat arms

Hello, I have fat arms and it makes my arms look so ugly. Can you please give me a solution for losing this fats in my arms please. Thank you.

Sexual positions

Hi when being in bed and during love making with my boyfriend I am very excited at the beginning when we are touching and caressing each other but once he penetrates me I can't feel as much pleasure. Never was he able to make me cum when being inside me. What should I do to change things please?

He sleeps too much

Good morning everyone, I have a question about my son of 10 months. He spends his time sleeping and I wanted to know if this is normal or not. He always need to sleep and as soon as he finish his food he is sleeping. He does not even need to be accompanied in bed he sleeps everywhere he is. Can this be normal or not?

Facial scar

Hello I have a scar of almost 5 cm on my face and I want to remove it. It happened 2 years ago, and I am now unable to tolerate this facial scar for one more day. Please help me get rid of it.

Fetal Doppler

Hello I am pregnant and was thinking of buying a fetal Doppler to check on my little baby from time to time. This is indeed my first pregnancy and I don't want to miss a thing at all and follow each steps of growth of my child inside my belly. At how many weeks can I use the Doppler please?

Diarrhea since 3 days

Hello, I have diarrhea and I am really struggling to get over it. I feel so bad that I did not go to work since 3 days. Any magical stuff to help me? Immodium does help for 2 or 3 hours. help!!!

Hepatitis C the treatment

Hello, My husband planned to start treatment for hepatitis C than he has postponed since 10 years. Knowing that once he would start this treatment he would not be able to have a child within the 13 months after we have decided to make a baby before the treatment. I am 6 weeks pregnant we are quite worried. Is it reasonable to start... Read more

Lack of focus at school

Hello, I have just been called by the teacher because my daughter 11 years old is absolutely not focused in class during the work in writing. At verbal she is a perfect student: she is very involved and has a general culture as well developed but in writing, she does not read the work instructions, copied the wrong exercises on the board ... Read more

Pain during sports at the chest

Hi, Since these days I'm suffering from such pain that drives me crazy. Directly in the heart and also when I do sport of when I'm walking for long, each time I get tired the pain comes again. I don't know if this is an angina pectoris or can it be another problem?